With Kinderbox App, You Will…


Our User Schools Love Kinderbox!

Thanks to Kinderbox App, We have a much better connection with the parents.

Kumru Taycı – Preschool Manager


Kinderbox really saved a lot of time and money for our preschool.

Christina Shield – Asistant Manager


I feel 10x more productive after starting to use kinderbox.

Leila Manner – Nursery/Child Psychologist


Kinderbox has really made our management so much more easier.

Jenny Clark – Nursery Manager


Our Parents are so much more happier since we started using Kinderbox.

Ashley Camila – Preschool Teacher


Kinderbox is an amazing preschool management tool without a daubt.

Elena Koske – Preschool Manager/Co-Founder


We are happy to be more environmental friendly school thanks to Kinderbox.

Eva Styles – Preschool Co-Founder


it’s so much safer to share school related content on Kinderbox rather than social media.

Mia Scolfield – Preschool Founder


I feel more connection with the Parents thanks to Kinderbox.

Jules Smith – Preschool Teacher


Frequent Asked Questions

How do I get started?

After you fill in the Contact Form at the bottom of our website, our Support Team will reach out to you. We will provide you with a Web Panel username and password and give you the needed instructions to get you started. You can change your username and password anytime you want.

Will our school logo appear in the app?

Yes! After you log in to your Web Panel, you can easily upload the Logo of your School. It will then automatically appear to all the Parents you chose to add to Kinderbox.

What can I share through the App and the web panel?

The most common features that our User Schools share are: Announcements, Photo, Video, Food Lists, Food Status, Medical Status,Newsletters, Monthly Schedules, Messages, Invoice Status, Class Checks, Special Care, Activity Sharings, School Trips for Parent Approval, Sleep Status and Development Reports.If your School has wishes on other sharings, we will adopt the System accordingly.

Is my data safe?

Yes, we are committed to keeping your shared data secure and confidential.

Do I have access to Tech Support when needed?

Yes, if you are experiencing app related issues or have any other question regarding the system usage, our Tech Support Team will gladly assist you.

Can I send Invoice information?

Yes, Parents will be notified via Kinderbox app after you sent them Invoice information.

How long will it take to learn the whole system?

Kinderbox is super user-friendly. We will provide you with an easy tutorial that will teach you step-by-step on how to use the app. Don’t hesitate in contacting our Support Team at any time.

How do i download the App?

Simply type “Kinderbox” to Appstore or Googleplay and download the app just like you download any other app.

How can i see what is shared?

You will get a notification after whatever is shared from school and on the main menu, you will also see an indicator on the related icon so that you will see what the content is about.

How can i leave note to the teachers?

Go to messages section and select the teacher that you want to contact with and then simply write your message.

How does templates work?

Templates are done by your school admin and is explained very well in the tutorial section.

How can i tag all the students?

Before sharing a content you need to choose a student, on the top of the page you can click all the students or just a few students that you want to share with.

How can i share more than one photo?

After you tap into the galery, seleck share, and then select galery and from here you can just tap into the photos that you want to share, after that click done and then click share


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